A Message To Myself – It’s Okay

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

I preach a lot about painting intuitively, not judging your artwork and ignoring those negative thoughts which cause artists block, and derail motivation. But at time, I find myself back at square one, judging my art and feeling dissatisfied with the outcome of my painting session. And this is the worst for someone who avoids ‘retouching’ their artwork. What am I meant to do?

In these situations, I find comfort in the knowing that later I will feel better about the progress I made today, regardless of the quality of the art. I mean, is that even a thing? After all, and like I always say, art is subjective. I have to keep telling myself that and that fact that there is no quality measurement when it comes to art. You are always producing your best art, because technically you can’t paint any better than the present moment! - I need to keep reminding myself of this!

After every painting, I attempt to recognise the strengths and weakness within the days practice. It helps me to figure out what’s working for me, and what isn’t. I love doing this. It allows me to accomplish the better aspects of my art more confidently going forward. At the same time, it lets me know what I should practice more of.

If I had some advice or artists out there, it would be to acknowledge that regardless of what type of creative outlet you had worked on that day, that you still made progress towards your ultimate goal. That little by little, step by step, you ARE heading in the right direction because you’re investing in your passion and doing what you are good at.

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