Am I an Expressionist Artist?

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

My expressionist style as of late has derived from my fascination with the motion of wind and the atmosphere. For that reason, I’ve been focusing more on trees, and more specifically fruit trees, over the last few weeks. It’s been a fun experience so far as I’ve been producing more digital artwork based on this theme. The wonders of digital art are that you could make so many errors and can correct afterwards. This is hard to achieve with physical painting, and one of the reasons I’ve been producing more digital artwork. However, the freedom and expressionist in me frequently gravitates towards acrylic paintings, so generally I’m dipping in and out with either outlets. This is evident in my Instagram feed. You’ll notice more digital art one week, followed by a week of dainty, acrylic florals the next.

Digital Art also allows you to play around with colours you probably wouldn’t opt for normally; and the ability to produce colours you may not be able to with existing paints. Above all, it’s another creative platform I adore and found a love for after digitising the painting ‘Lemon Tree’.

I was astounded by the sharp and clean results. It elevated the original painting to a whole new level, and I guess since then I’ve never looked back. Creating motion in my paintings, in my opinion, renders the painting somewhat expressionistic. That feeling of movement and flow overrides the objective and reality of the painting. Adding wisps of greenery and a dreamy background contextualises your thoughts on to the painting, and that’s what I feel being an expressionist painter is all about.

Going with the flow, and letting the painting take you places is what will ultimately produce something beautiful, so allow it to take you on that journey. When I digitise or paint a fruit tree, I’m always thinking about what I want the end painting to convey. How it will make somebody feel, and what the relationship with the tree fruit and atmosphere is? It’s never about making it look real or good. It’s about making the end viewer feel satisfied that they understand the emotion and indeed physical motion that lies with the painting.

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