Blossom Into The Summer

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

Why I was ready for Summer 2019?

What I love about the current Blossom collection is the variety of colours, patterns and styles that are collectively holding the art pieces together in uniformity. Together they scream boldness, vibrancy and drama – and yet the collection began very different. I appreciate the change that’s going in. Blossom has crept away from the intricacies of death and morbidity for a while now. Yes, it’s led me to produce some beautiful one-time pieces like ‘The Rose That Died’ and ‘Smokey Rose’, but its summertime now, and I’m allowing the colours to move apace.

With regards to Blossom as a collection, the summer focuses on the vivaciousness of life and less so the morbidity. Rudbekia’s have come to the fore, pinks and greens make flamboyant returns and the blue summer skies are exposed. If you’re viewing one of the summer Blossom pieces, I want you to feel like your smelling the fresh pollinated air and walking barefoot on freshly mowed grass.

Until this point, I had been very hesitant with the use of such deep colours. I wanted to stick to the autumnal palette however it became restricting and I was sick of orange. The use of black, whether that be the black pen in the watercolour pieces, became monotonous and an easy way to achieve depth. I was ready to achieve depth with colour. I came into summer thinking about fruit and flowers. I wanted to explore a new dynamic with these components. I did a lot of sketching, on paper. I felt the need to keep sketching with the knowledge that when I feel it’s the right thing to paint, I’ll already know it. With most of my trips this summer to parks around London, I felt like I was abundant in primary resources and inspiration. I only ever painted what was unique to me and the experience that came along with it. The results so far have been great. I’ve been wanting to do more, and this has led to me to buy larger canvases. It was a daring, yet exciting move.

There was a pattern I was noticing. I always seemed to paint when there was sunshine. A bit of sun would creep onto the windowsill and that was enough to keep me painting for an entire day. Once I start, there’s so stopping me- mainly because I make such a huge mess. It’s on days like these I would churn out a few canvases a day. It never feels like a chore. It feels like your being extremely productive and creative and that is exhausting; the tiredness fools you to think you have been classically working. Just remind yourself that you’re doing what you love and you will very quickly feel highly spirited. It was this high spirit that allowed me to carry out my campaign where I hope to share my tutorials, tips and insights on social media whilst I produce this work.

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