Blossom Story

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

What is Blossom? Where did the collection come from? Vivek Explains

The Blossom Collection began towards the end of 2018. The story behind the launch derives from my watercolour sketches of flower and fruit, a medium that I haven't explored in the last few years. If you didn't know, I had been studying the medium of acrylic paint for the previous 5 years after finishing college, completing a distinct collection of landscapes. The Blossom Collection manifested in a series of small, watercolour canvas illustrations famously including ‘Falling Petals ‘and ‘Autumn Bloom’. Continuing to use this style using watercolour across my paintings, I started a chain reaction of illustrative artworks that was later labelled as Blossom. I characterised the collection as dainty and autumnal, purely based on the colours and intricate patterns that were seen across the art pieces I had done. It was autumn, I was enjoying the mark- making with the black pen, and exploring watercolours again. I knew that this was the direction I wanted Blossom to go. The painting ‘ Blossom’, that illustrates an orange flower against a windy sky, signifies this realisation.

Falling Petals, Dropping Fuchsia's and Autumn Bouquet

What was so amusing was my fascination with watercolours All of a sudden, less was more and details became focal. Ideas that certainly do not bode well with acrylic, well in the manner that I previously had portrayed. It was all about patterns and exposing these intricacies within autumnal flora—and I ran with it. There was no doubt in my mind that the acrylic medium would resurface anytime soon. How wrong was I?

Dried Roses

Enter the deep pink era (and I'm not necessarily talking about a period of excessive use of fuchsia paint, although that also is the case) – It’s an era, that in my eyes, challenged the invisible guidelines of Blossom. But before this I took a lengthy break from Blossom, and in painting in general, to focus on myself and positivity. This break did wonders to my creativity and drove me back into my passion for painting. And that’s when I found myself reaching for the acrylic paint brush. Was this truly Blossom anymore? Well probably not, seeing that I dedicated the characteristics on splattered black pen and precision of leaves and petals. As an artist, you should expect to change creative outlets quite often, whether that be style or medium. It’s encouraged that you live for the moment and paint what you feel to be true. Panting with acrylic at the time felt honest to me, and so I let it be. Here I painted ‘Dried Roses’ and ‘Pink Ruffles’. Again, I question myself. Is this Blossom? At this point, it felt like Blossom wasn't just a categorised series of artwork. Blossom was the journey for me as artist studying the natural form in many ways, with a well known origin that I shouldn't forget. It’s a study, just like how I landscapes was.

I'm continuing to produce a succession of floral and fruit pieces that are inspired by the world around me. Blossom explores the balance between life and death. It’s fascinating seeing these changes occur during the autumn months, contrast to the vivacious blooming period of summer. Ultimately, at the heart of these paintings, I am painting what I feel to be true. The truth of the subject that I am painting, and what my heart tells me.

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