Digital Art – What’s Going Through My Mind? - A Comparison

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

Producing digital art as a fine artist, and now lover of the impasto style of painting, leaves a lot to be considered with respect to creative output and my ‘style’ so to speak.

How does an expressionist, impasto painter carry out digital art? A question you may be asking yourself is probably how I set my mind to focus on both mediums at the same time to produce consistent art? And as I write this question, I do wonder this to myself?

Well if I think about it, the fact that both mediums are so different from one another certainly does help the idea. In fact, when I say I’m going to do something creative today, I normally mean physical painting. A lot of expression, physical exertion and energy goes into my paintings. It’s what makes it art. It’s the freedom to allow the brush to do whatever it wants, and feeling the divine control manipulating the movement of my hand. As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t like to think too much while painting. The flow is what makes everything more intuitive and fluid, enabling the creation.

When I translate this notion to digital art, I’m assessing the movement by the block of colour, and the way they sit aside other blocks of colour, culminating in a rhythm of visual movement. Unintentionally, this practice manifests every time. I don’t see any other way of creating this movement in my digital artwork. You’ll see that the background, even objects in the fore, appear to be well ensnared into the scene. You could compare this practice as a digital representation of expressionism. I couldn’t tell you what makes me digitally paint this way. I love the outcome. It’s always so dreamy, lucid but realistic in feeling.

So how easy is it for me to jump from traditional painting to digital?

With physical painting, I can almost always get into the flow of it, even when I don’t feel like painting initially. However, with digital art, it’s the complete opposite. Producing digital art is somewhat of a chore when you’re not feeling the moment. It’s the reason I have many opened working renders baking in the background of my desktop, waiting to be worked on when the mood strikes. The magic of digital art happens when you get into the flow. I can produce multiple pieces in one day. My mind is bustling with new ideas and concepts, and the option to start again, alter colours, and make tweaks seamlessly only motivates me to try new ideas and develop the existing. Could you say that there’s a freedom of expression in painting digitally? well I guess so. Expression and flow come from you as a creative. Choose you medium, and it will manifest to reflect those ideas in whatever way it has to.

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