How Did I Get Into Digitising My Original Artwork?

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

As you probably know, I love to paint flowers, landscape and abstract art. It's been my passion for several years now. In the last year, I've really got into painting flowers, trees and fruit. Painting is such a freeing and joyous activity, and it makes me feel so happy and amused. It's also a great creative outlet, and can be very therapeutic. Sometimes, it's the most stressful thing, especially when it isn't turning into the painting you've envisioned - But that's another story!

Naturally, I didn't see myself doing digital art of any kind because I've loved the process of applying paint to canvas so much. So when I haphazardly played around with a painting on Photoshop to post online, I realised why people loved digital art so much. The opportunities to play around and essentially 'mess about' with the art were endless. You could experiment all you like without the nasty repercussions of mess and wasted canvas. And that's when I thought to myself - I should do this more often.

I began by re-producing my art online by 'colour-block' painting every single brush stroke to make the painting appear crisp and animated. I loved the effect of this, so I continued. Funnily enough, These paintings took just as long as they did to paint when I was doing it digitally. But it was so worth the effort. I was pleased with the result, and ultimately here I am doing the same thing after every original painting, again and again. It's like painting the same thing twice! Make of that what you will!

Since then, I've found new ways to manipulate my existing artwork. Sometimes, I would manipulate existing photos that I've taken, just to see how it would look like as if it was painted. I'm loving this journey, and on my Society 6 page, you can see the progress I'm making with my latest posts!

Digitised 'Rudbeckia' Painting 2019

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