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Updated: Mar 26, 2020

I love to paint intuitively. Its freeing, fun and exciting. Your next brush stoke is determined by your feelings and thoughts. It’s the practice which yields great results in my opinion. It feels satisfying and expressive. And it’s the process I go through every time I paint. I call this ‘painting intuitively’, but you could argue that it’s called painting contently.

I’ve learnt to paint like this in the last few months, ditching the old practices of worrying about the outcome and dwelling on details too much. I’ve learnt that when you detach from a painting and remove all judgement, you find peace within yourself and allow your creativity to flow more fluidly. As a spiritual individual, I have found that whenever I feel stressed in the painting process, I tend to produce art I don’t like. Being a detached painter means there is no judgement, so my views are generally indifferent to all the paintings produce. This is why I think it’s so important to be happy when you paint. If you want to know how to paint more intuitively, I’ve written a blog post here.

I have some tips which may ease you into this mindset if that’s what you wish to get from reading this post. I have found that with utilising these new habits, I’ve become a more creative, abstract and content artist.

Go abstract

Even if it’s not your style, allow yourself to explore different means of expression. I never thought I’d be an expressionist painter. But since I’ve implemented these new positive habits, I’ve allowed the true artist within me to flourish. Try new mediums, open new possibilities and see yourself thrive.

Take breaks

If you’re a very tight painter, or you like to focus on photo-realism, try taking small intervals. This loosens you up, and allows you regain focus. If you stare at a painting for too long, you may begin to lose inspiration. Take a walk, watch a video, have a snack, do whatever that shakes up the rhythm a bit.

Confidence is key

Whether you think the painting is or is not going the way you want it to, just keep moving that darn paint brush! The amount of times I’ve wanted to give during a bad painting session is very high. But did I give up? No, I kept on going, and in the end my painting turned out so much better than I thought it would. I’m so grateful that I didn’t give up on those occasions, and I remind myself of those occasions when I feel that the painting is going South. Be confident with your brush strokes, and don’t compare yourself to another, more experienced artists. You’ll get there, just show up to do your work. It will pay off. Confidence really is everything.

Enjoy every moment

Sing, dance and listen to music while you paint. See what you come up with. Music lightens up the soul. When you express this onto a crisp canvas, you create magic. Enough said.

Don’t judge the painting

There is no such thing as a bad or good painting. Remember, art is subjective. What on earth are you doing judging it yourself? It’s like cooking. You’re making what feels great to YOU. Not anybody else. You don’t even have to like your painting – again, it’s just a means of expression. Just let go of that judgement and everything will change. Your creative juices will go into overdrive.

I hope I’ve inspired you to paint with a free spirit. It’s always worth remembering that if you’re worried about people judging your artwork, that art is subjective. Not everyone is going to like it, or vice versa. You will only find out your artistic capabilities by showing up to paint every day and painting like there’s no tomorrow. Keep practising and don’t be too hard on yourself. Art is supposed be fun. Like a child, just play around, smile and laugh.

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