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Updated: May 17, 2021

There’s a story in every bit of artwork I do. Even If I think there isn’t, the painting that reflects back to me and tells me otherwise.

I love what I do, from the toughest moments, the moments when I sell art, to pretty much everything about the art career I’ve chosen to experience. Now I appear to be experiencing it more spiritually. here’s how.

I think that us artists need to be reminded that ultimately we are not designers churning out ‘designs’ on a biweekly basis. The fact is that there is a buildup of momentum, practice and euphoria embedded in every single piece of work that we do. No matter what we've produced

So why am I talking about this? Behind my practices of painting intuitively and with expression, I’ve learned to know that the pressures of prestigious galleries, uppity tutors and thriving competition in the field, which continue to subconsciously navigate our creative journey. You could call it a kind of inspiration. There’s a balance of satisfying societal expectations against producing truthful and authentic art, which again happens without us knowing. We need to shift the balance back to us. After all, art is subjective, but we tend to make it a real problem with impending judgement and sought criticism.

The strain we sometimes feel before starting painting, or after failing to show up to the studio derives from this anticipated judgement of the end result. The fear of people not liking our work, purely because it’s ‘poor’ against what they’ve already seen, or what’s already out there. Of course, the argument changes with photo realism. But that’s a whole other story!

I would regard my art from 2018 as being poor in comparison to what is out there in retrospect. However, my confidence, detachment and lack of overthinking allowed me to drive painting sales through the way I was painting and carrying myself. I was purely having fun seeing my hobby yielding some pocket money in the process. I look back on those paintings and see how each paint stroke had been completed with confidence with a knowing that it’s just all just an expression. Of course, taking my art career professionally confronted me with the fear and pressures I’ve been discussing – and boy was it a hard lesson. But you have to learn someday. Call it a form of self-growth.Detaching from the final result and finding the fun and spirit in the painting process is what helped me grow as an artist, and start to see the spiritual side.

Aside from the composition and colour choices, I also like to situate myself in the painting and think about the context, while I assess my current emotions and how they them might influence the painting. This rather spiritual take on the initial parts of the painting process makes me forget about what people may think, or whether it will sell or not. Once this judgement is lifted, you feel lighter and produce art effortlessly. The process becomes more fun and intuitive. You know what you have to do and all of a sudden everything becomes easy - how it should be for artists. Surely, we didn’t take the art journey to be stressed out!

You are an artist, and every painting you produce tells a story of what phase you are in to becoming the artist you want to be. It doesn’t matter how you start or what kind of artist you are, you must be aware that its already here and its waiting for you to own it!!

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