Story Of My First Art Exhibition

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

My first art exhibition was in September 2014, at '13 The Gallery' in East London.

I was 18 years old, still growing as a young artist ​surrounded other mature artists. It was intimidating. I had no idea how to set up an exhibition and I had to figure it out by myself. I put an immense amount of pressure on myself because I wanted to be successful that day and sell pieces. Other artists had their work up. They had such beautiful work. You can’t help but think if you're good enough to be here.

I eased up later and began talking to the other artists. It was nice to hear everyone else’s story of how they became the artist they are today. Suddenly, I felt I belonged there; this is because I had a lot in common with the fellow artists. They had been through he same struggles I did and were always combating feelings of doubt. The art exhibition was a nice distraction from the reality of my career path. I was due to start studying at university miles away from home in London. I guess this was a nice talking point.

The gallery was very quiet that day, however people were coming in to view the artwork. My artwork was at the back on the right-hand side. I had a cosy little corner where I perched my belongings. I had a stunning exposed brick wall to embellish with the artwork. Paintings of landscapes scattered the wall. I had a couple of paintings on wooden easels at the front of the wall. I made the space mine. The gallery was very warm and cosy. We all drank wine as the evening got closer.

A fellow artist bought a couple of my paintings that day, making me the only artist who sold art that day. I was over the moon! At the time, it felt weird that someone was willing to give me money for one of my paintings . I gave her the second painting for free. It was such a great day. I made new friends, got contacts and sold my work. For my first exhibition, I did myself very proud and overcame the struggles I had earlier that day.

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