About Me

Welcome, my name is Vivek and I am fine artist from West London. I adore painting loosely with my palette knife, to produce works of landscapes, flowers and abstract art.

On this site, you will find collections of my current artwork. I love painting landscapes and capturing scenic views from my travels. Over the past year I have been experimenting with heavy applications of paint to produce thick, impasto textures. I enjoy the process of allowing specs of colour to collaborate and form an impressionstic piece of art.


My travels and experiences inspire me to paint, and I love to produce beautiful pieces that make people happy. My artwork is a celebration for the passion I have for it. Nothing makes me more excited than applying thick acrylic to a canvas board.

My Story


I was brought up in West London, England, and from a young age I adored painting and loved anything that’s got to do with creativity. The idea of painting fills me with so much excitement and joy.

​During college, I painted abstracts and realistic landscapes as a part of my Fine Art A-Levels. I enjoyed painting new pieces. I loved seeing the final piece come together so perfectly like my imagination was manifesting right before me. Painting to me is very fulfilling and a way for me to express the relationships I perceive with objects in nature.

My first art exhibition, at the '13 The Gallery' in London, at 18 years old pretty much summed up my intention in life. I wanted to be a successful artist, and nothing was going to get in the way.  Everything about that day felt right. I was the only one who sold art on that day, and it was a huge achievement to me.

After college, surprisingly I went on to study Interior Architecture at Arts University Bournemouth in the South of England. Here I learnt so much about design and architecture, and I was able to apply my fine art skills where appropriate. It was a challenging and fun 3 years. At the back of my mind, choosing architecture was the sensible and safe option, but I was yet to figure out that that's not where the passion lied. 

Ultimately, I lost the passion I once had for architecture and finished the course feeling frustrated and unsatisfied with my career path. The only thing that kept me going was the fact that during my free time at university, I would paint the Bournemouth seascapes. The fact is I never really stopped painting during this time. Painting was a form of escape from my troubles, and what felt like a forced career path.

My style has changed over the last 5 years from silhouetted landscapes to more impressionist, impasto work, where now I am more expressive and intuitive. I allow my work to evolve naturally, picking up on my intuitive nature to direct the composition and subject of the painting. Naturally, I've developed a style of painting that exploits the thickness of oil and acrylic paint - impasto; meaning ‘to paste’ in Italian. I love adding another dimension to my work. Texture plays an integral role in my landscape paintings. 


Instilling this new new dimension into my work is an opportunity to see what more my art can offer. The subject of flowers, fruit and landscapes have been commonly dominant in my portfolio of work.



I love to start with a simple composition, and allow my intuitive nature to take over, and that’s where I believe  the magic lies. Like the good proportion of fine artists of our time, I've also taken the spiritual approach; painting from a place of no judgement. This is a true reflection of me and my impression, and that's what I want people to see, 

When you purchase a painting by me, not only are you contributing greatly to my journey as artist, rather, you've purchased a physical piece of the process of creativity and focus that can never be recreated. The joy of my clients is what drives me to keep producing artwork. At the same time, leaving traces of my existence in the from of art is such a euphoric thought which enables me to continue the creative journey.


Thank you to all  my collectors and those who have invested in me as an artist. I’m so hugely grateful.


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