'Autumn Escape'

Striking representation of the colours at Autumn, intuitively created with the harsh edges of Vivek's palette knife. 

italien lemons 1.jpg

'Italian Lemons'

Feel the warmth of the Italian sunshine as the rays cut through the foliage of this romantic lemon tree. Vivek's intuitive expression of fruit tree paintings are inspired by his obsession with the movement of swaying trees in the wind. 

Vivek 's inspiration derives from the famous impressionists, and his obsession with applying heavy layers of impasto oil paint.

'Red Flowers' 

One of Vivek's favourite red flower paintings.


Created with two layers of oil; one layer to establish the harmony and energy of the context, and the second (the process known as negative painting) to 'cut around' the areas to showcase the red petals and crisp leaves in all its glory.

'Pink Hat'

This painting, alongside a collection of more pet portraits, is where Vivek likes to exhibit his less serious approach to painting.

He likes to bring to the surface the humour and innocence in mainly household pets.

There's a lot to be said for 'Pink Hat', but we'll leave that to you to. 

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