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'White Horse' 2022

'Pink Roses'


The striking contrast of gentle pink petals represented by thick loaded strokes of oil is a delight to the eye.

Be Bold

The collection of 2021 celebrated bold, black lines that outlined the subject matter. 

These works elevated the whimsy of Vivek's bird paintings, portraying them as overly flamboyant and playful.

Go Neutral

The excess of the grey oil that Vivek accumulates over time is ungodly, due to the amount of white oil Vivek uses.


Incorporating the oil back into the works allows the colours to harmonise with real interior spaces. Greys allow the eyes to rest. His rose vase paintings in particular, are a hit with interior designers. 

bumble bees.jpg

Simplicity at its core

Vivek's smaller works are the perfect example of harmonising broad brushwork and tiny details. Even at 8 inches of canvas, the size 16 flat hog bristle is deployed

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