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The Bespoke Studio Information

What is The Bespoke Studio?

Hey! So the Bespoke studio allows you to have any original painting or digital artwork made into a print. You decide the size, quality of paper and other specifications. 

I've heard enough! I want to place a quote!


What happens once I've placed a quote?

A member of vivek.contemporary will contact you via the provided email within the next two working days.

It will outline your whether your request can be satisfied, and will state the costing. Here, you will work closely with the vivek.contemorary team to get your print up to your standards!

Can I place another quote?

Absolutely, provided that this quote is discussing a new order and not regarding the one you have just placed.

I live outside of the UK, will this affect the total cost?

Yes. Your quote takes into consideration the delivery charge.

My desired print could already exists on the Etsy Shop 

Awesome! You can purchase your print via Etsy. Please leave an amazing review! :)

I am interested in purchasing wholesale stock. How shall I go about this?

Please contact the email stating your proposition. We are excited for new opportunities!

Once again, thank you for your interest!

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yellow flower print 2.jpg
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