Fruit Trees

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 Big, bold brushstrokes and the slash of palette knife, laden with oil paint, is where Vivek sees opportunity and expression; instilling a new dimension into his work was an opportunity to see what more his art can offer.


His latest obsession with crafting dainty, dancing fruit trees, caught in the sunlight, has manifested a whole new collection that the artist is continuing to pursue; eager to uncover the reason as to why he adores this kind of subject matter. 

"The whole practise is an experiment, really. Every brush stroke has it's place and is perfect. The idea of experimenting has negative connotations of the quality of the final piece, however whenever I experiment, there's always something new that comes to light. New opportunities manifest inspiring results, therefore  new paintings represent  breakthroughs for me"

Vivek's fascination with swaying fruit trees, capturing the bulbs of fruit in the sunlight, has allowed a collection of art to surface. 


An ongoing collection that defines his impression of the dancing foliage.


Apple Tree Next Door 1.jpg

Approaching the composition and colours in unique ways has evolved the collection.


Before starting a fruit tree painting, or any painting for that matter, Vivek has no idea where the painting will take him. 

"It's a mindless, momentous journey, timeless even. This has helped me to surface raw feelings as the physical painting begins to form. And naturally, I notice characteristic, expressionist components begin to show. I guess you could call my reflection. I get excited. The brush goes wild, manifesting itself in the speckles of random colour that represent the sunlight peeping through the dense foliage" 

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